On the Turntable

Bruce Springsteen Takes a Wrecking Ball to America

Bruce Springsteen is pissed off. Wrecking Ball finds The Boss reacting to America’s current financial crisis, cutting straight past the bullshit volley of party politics and Cable news-inspired … [Turn the page...]

An Awful Kind of Truth

I have never doubted the skill and capable hands of Edward Van Halen so I never felt that A Different Kind of Truth would somehow need to prove that he still had it. The man has dealt with some … [Turn the page...]

On the Tube

The Walking Dead: Blaze of Glory

Well, holy crap, that was a real barnburner! The Walking Dead ended it's strong Season 2 homestretch run with a brilliant finale that not only set the farm storyline ablaze but also redefined the dynamic of the group of survivors as they head towards an ominous new … [Read More...]

Awake: The Other Side of the Pillow

Is NBC’s new drama worth staying Awake for? (See what I did there?)

The (Sleep) Walking Dead?

Is the pace of AMC’s The Walking Dead living up to its name?

Comic Book Men: Podcast is Prologue

AMC moves into the reality genre with the help of Kevin Smith.

In the Cinema

From Paris to Hawaii: Ranking The 2011 Best Picture Nominees

The Vinyl Recliner ranks the nine Best Picture nominees from 2011, ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards telecast. From Paris to Hawaii, and the 1920s to the Present Day, the Oscar nominees told tales both … [Read more...]

Super 8: Favorite Films of 2011

A year that started off with such promise for Hollywood ultimately fizzled before the first fireworks of Fourth of July were lit. Hollywood continued to stumble through sequels, remakes and … [Read more...]

A Very Manly Muppet Review

There are those of you who will see The Muppets as nostalgia for characters from your childhood, old friends you’ve lost touch with over the last 20 years. And then there are those of us who stayed in … [Read more...]

Red State Brings the Brimstone and Gunfire

There’s a scene towards the end of Kevin Smith’s Red State where two perceived heroes, divided by loyalty and faith but united by shear desperation, attempt to escape a living hell full of brimstone … [Read more...]