Barenaked Ladies Find a New Voice

When Steven Page left the Barenaked Ladies in early 2009, he left behind a band full of talented vocalists and musicians but also a band largely dependent on his songwriting abilities. He also left amidst unfortunate personal drama that pervaded the band’s usual affable image. While public reports have noted the split as amicable, you couldn’t help but think the now-quartet harbored some resentment. On the band’s latest album, All In Good Time, there is no longer any doubt. [Read more…]

David Ford’s Hurricane of Hard Times

On “Panic,” the first song on David Ford’s third album Let the Hard Times Roll, the singer-songwriter sings a torrent of angst and sin, much of which could easily be sung from the perspective of the war mongers, political villains, and apathetic enablers he takes aim at throughout the album. Lyrically, the song is an offspring of previous Ford diatribes “State of the Union” and “Requiem”, though here he’s broadened his target beyond specific political figures and seems be taking on an entire generation. Musically, Ford gives the song everything he’s got. Starting with a pretty clock-ticking rhythm, the song explodes with pulsating organ, drums and guitar into a satire on paranoia and fear. [Read more…]

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