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Everybody’s a critic

Social networking and blogging have created an industry of amateur critics, for everything from a 140-character quip about a news item to full-fledged analyses of a Desmond scene in an episode of Lost. In the early days of the Internet, this was mostly done out of unabashed affection but as the medium has become the dominant center of information, every opinion imaginable has made its way onto the Internet. While this has rightfully empowered the masses, it has also created a cult of subjectivity. “I didn’t like Captain America” has been replaced by “Captain America was not a good movie.” How does a 22-year old guy from Cincinnati with a Twitter account decide what is good and bad? Objectivity has never been a major part of the foundation of the Internet. But the once charming subjectivity has created a legion of empowered assholes who say things like “meh” and establish their opinions as fact.

On the other hand, professional critics haven’t exactly fought back with grace and dignity. While we count many critics as an inspiration for what we’re doing here, some have given the cold shoulder to grassroots voices of the Internet and independent media in general. The democracy the Internet affords allows us to choose whose opinion we most trust instead of having Rex Reed shoved down our throats. We hope to establish a quality alternative to diminishing options foisted upon you from glossy magazines, hyperbolic hipsters and obnoxious talking heads. And we hope to also do our part in bringing a little objectivity back to the proceedings.

Vinyl + Recliner

Our focus is essentially everything you can do from the comfort of your recliner: movies, music, television, books and computer gaming and gadgetry. Within those genres, our scope varies. We’ll take a look at almost every type of movie, from indie films to Oscar bait to summer blockbusters. For television, we’ll largely avoid CBS and imbibe on anything high-concept, cleverly comedic, or ingeniously created. And with music, don’t expect to get much rap, dance or pop music; rock n’ roll, alternative, and folk are our bread & butter.

Submission Possible: Host Protocol

The Vinyl Recliner is envisioned with wider audiences and a larger creative landscape than we are starting off with. For now, time, energy and megalomania dictate that it’s less likely that we’d take on submissions but feel free to send them in. If the mood fits and the moon phase is right, we may find you’ll fit in the recliner quite well. No promises, of course. But intentions are inevitably sincere.

As an advocate of independent and grassroots media, we welcome the opportunity to review independent music, pilot television programs, independent films, and self-published books, if they dovetail appropriately with the interests and whims of the staff. Again, no promises, no demands…love is a battlefield. No, wait…wrong blog. Contact us about your goods and we’ll try to check ’em out!

Masthead (Also, Bedhead and Butthead. But getting sick of Radiohead.)

Author, designer, sole proprietor and Chief recliner: Jason Grasso

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