Things Are Looking Up!

After The Incredibles, I started doubting the promise of Pixar’s next few features based on the trailers for their next movies. It wasn’t that I was gleefully anticipating their inevitable fall from grace. On the contrary, I wanted Pixar to continue making great pictures. But after six phenomenal movies, I just expected we’d eventually see a dud. However, with each film, they kept their streak of quality alive.

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A Tale of Toys, Tears, and Growing Up

The beauty and wonder of film has always been its ability to form an emotional connection with its audience. Whether it’s through the hatred we feel for despicable villains, the excitement we feel watching silver screen heroes, or even the love we feel for an on-screen beauty. Certainly the strongest emotion the cinema has ever invoked is crying. We cheer at an amazing action sequence, gasp at a dramatic moment, and laugh at a wacky situation. But these are all emotions we feel frequently throughout any given day. However, we don’t often cry. So when a film makes us shed a tear, it’s touching a precious nerve.

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